Online Writing Jobs That Pay: 5 Ways Out of Slave Wage Hell

There are now hundreds of YouTube Channels of people dedicated to introducing you to side hustles, I know because I’ve spent at least three weeks just going through the videos and checking out their recommendations. If you are looking for a side hustle that can make you an extra $100-$200 a month, and you don’t live in a rural area, it makes sense to deliver packages or food for companies like Uber Eats or Amazon Flex.

online writing jobs that pay

I’m going to share with you my top 5 online writing jobs that pay and some websites or resources to get started today. We all know the best time to get started making positive changes in our lives is now, so here’s to your future:

Copy Writing

A copywriter’s job is the fine art of persuading people to take action with words. Your job will be crafting sales letters, emails, company landing pages, blog posts, newsletters, white papers, and offline print media like brochures. You can do it all, or you can choose to specialize in a few areas that you know you can hit out of the park. As I am writing this, I am in the midst of shifting from article writing to a copywriting career (12.18.19), so I’m sharing this as my first pick because when you take your creative writing skills and apply it to helping businesses sell more, then you create an endless demand for your services. What’s great is the last time I checked, there are no degree programs in copywriting. Your ability to get results is all that matters.

Web Writing

Web writing is actually part of the field of copywriting, but you will be taking on online work exclusively. As a web writer you would be creating content for a company like emails and social media posts. You could be writing those things called lead magnets (informational pieces that people put their email into a form to receive). The key to getting paid here is to contract with a company directly rather than going through a content mill. You can pull in upwards of $100 for an online article (not bad for a few hours of work) or $500 to create a landing page (the websites that entice people to enter their emails in exchange for something like an eBook).

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Social Media Writing

This has to be one of the hottest markets for underpaid millennials and corporate refugees. Just Google “how to start a social media management agency,” and you will see that there are a bunch of millennials churning out how to courses, videos, and websites (like rich20something) to teach you this lucrative business. Business owners know that people have changed the way they look for service-based businesses. Now, we will Google a doctor or a roofer and read their reviews as part of our decision-making process. We may even ask for recommendations on Facebook. And, these business owners also know that it lowers their legitimacy if they do not have a website and a social media presence.

Your job will be managing online communities of fans, business social media pages and accounts, keeping people talking about the business through promotions and engaging them in conversations. You might even have a role in creating ads for these businesses, but note that you do not have to get into that area if you’d rather not. The best part about contracting with businesses to do their social media is the fact that it is ongoing work. The Web isn’t going anywhere and a dead social media page looks bad.

Business to Business (B2B Writing)

You are probably most familiar with B2C (Business to Consumer) businesses. Those are the hair salons, chiropractors, heck even grocery stores. Now there is a whole other field of business that deals with providing products and services for other businesses. These are textile mills that provide raw fabric for clothing brands, commercial landscapers for golf and country clubs, even contractors that handle government building projects.

These types of clients are not looking for the lowest cost work. They are looking to maintain a polished image and brand, so they are willing to pay premium prices for the work you provide. Writing a single industry specific white paper can pull in $2000. If you do three of those a month, that puts you above the avearge earnings of most U.S. workers ($3.332 – $4,099). B2B businesses need all the typical services like newsletters, blog posts, and emails too. And, their most valuable asset, case studies, can start at $1000 because of the amount of research that is necessary.

Money-Making Websites

So, there’s resume writing (which is a good starter business,) and there’s grant writing (that is very rewarding), but my next recommendation is money making websites for one BIG reason. As a writer, you are essentially self-employed. And, much like an employee, you are paid when you get a job done. Now, a big problem with being self-employed is the money stops when you take a break and fly to Tahiti or (god forbid) fall ill. And, having money-making websites ensures that money continues to flow in when you are not at work.

You write valuable content like this. You write consistently and support people by providing them with exactly what they are looking for. You can pick a hobby of yours to build a site about like homesteading or making electronic dance music. And, just so you know, I totally have invested in training to guide me in building an “affiliate income website” like this one because I don’t have time to waste figuring it out myself. I’d be glad to share the community that I use with you. Just click here or contact me if you’re the more personable type.

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Avoid the Places that Promise You the Moon

I’m also building this website to help people like you because I’ve seen an evil growing, websites like This is a company with a huge marketing budget, and it is using it to take advantage of the unemployed, inexperienced, and desperate people online. I clicked through one of their ads on Instagram (and, I just saw another ad for their site on Google). They operate much like You have to pay for the privilege of finding work. They are actually selling you training on how to find work as a writer when all you were looking for was a job. They use subtle sales psychology. What they know is that immediately after entering your information into their system, you are most inclined to buy something from them at that moment. So, they try to sell you a membership after they get your email.

BTW, I’m not against Flexjobs. I used their service to find a tutoring job with Brainfuse back in the day. It’s remote work with decent pay, but I got burnt out because of poor management and unbearably poor writers who wanted you to write their college essays for them (I was a writing tutor).

You have so many choices, and after all the pain I’ve suffered online with companies that were not about serving the customer, I just want to point others in the right direction. If you are interested in taking up copywriting, you can join with the company and community I am learning with here. They will teach you how to be successful at all five, or you can just do some investigating on your own and get going, and do yourself the favor and start today.

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