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If you have not figured it out from the title of this site, this website is dedicated to writers or aspiring writers to help them get their act together and make great incomes using their skills of writing. So, this article will be sharing the strategies for writers to create income without spending a dime.

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Doing the Freelance Hustle the Right Way

In my previous article, I shared about high paying freelance writing jobs, but I did not share how to set up your business the right way. I not talking about entity formation. You can and should handle that after you’ve got a profitable enterprise running. Resume writing as a businesses has one of the lower barriers to entry, and while there are websites that offer templates, there will always be people who prefer working with people.

Brush up on the modern resume writing and the type of keywords that employers look for. One of the most valuable points I learned was to use active verbs, and vary them so you stand out. Then, go and be of service. You can find people who need your services by searching forums and groups. For example, a search for “dream job” on Facebook turned up three groups with that title. The idea is to show up and be of service in those groups, and if you’re good at listening and responding to their concerns, then you can pick up some work. (SeeĀ How to Win Friends and Influence People).

If you’re like me, you like to have a model or template to follow when going into something new. The story of Mike McRitchie is a good one. He pulled in $30K from working LinkedIn. Check out his story right here: How Mike McRitchie Made $30K/Year on the Side Writing Resumes.

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I’ve used so many websites that connect tutors with students like WyzAnt and Preply, and the results are okay for WyzAnt if you are live in or near a large city. Preply is difficult because the competition is fierce. So, if you would like to be a writing tutor, then you will need to do the leg work of marketing your services by putting up tear-aways on community bulletin boards and creating helpful YouTube tutorials and embedding them in a blog. An example video topic could be “Writing a Master’s Thesis What Most Students Do Wrong.”

On a side note, I found my current writing coach through a physical book he published that I bought on Amazon. But, I’m assuming you are looking at immediate income right now. If you are plugged into a church or a community group, I have also got English tutoring students by just sharing what I do in that setting.

If you are set on tutoring as a business model, and you would like some guidance. I can give you a few more tips in a 1-on-1 consultation (click here, and choose a time on my calendar), or you can connect with my mentor Jill Stevens ‘The Education Lady” who specializes in helping others transition and build 6-figure-tutoring businesses. (Hint: If you focus on test prep, you’ll earn more).


Nothing says you may be looking for clients like developing a course around your expertise. I have to confess that I have a slight addiction to the site Udemy for that reason. You can make a course on virtually any subject, and Udemy, as an authority website, will help it get found by people who need your services. It is up to you to make a killer bio and content that really helps people. But, there are entrepreneurs that exclusively focus on course creation. One of my mentors for this area (learning how to make courses) is Danielle Leslie. And, if I remember correctly, she used to work for Udemy. She credits her success in launching courses partly to her mentor Jeff Walker. You can get his book here: Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams. He had a course on product launches before he wrote the book. He knows his stuff.



  • Find where the people who need your services are hanging out, and go there and be of service.
  • If you’re interested in tutoring, and you don’t live in a big city where WyzAnt or Varsity Tutors would work out for you, then make sure that you share what you do in community groups like churches (Pst… just ask other what they do to get the conversation moving in the right direction.)
  • If you think you can talk for an hour or more about your specialty, then you can make it into a course on Udemy. Then, show up for people who need your services in groups or forums or make YouTube videos to direct people there. Quora is hot right now for finding clients if you make amazing articles as responses to questions.

4 thoughts on “How to Start a Home Based Business With | No Money”

  1. Hi,
    I appreciate the work you are doing here. I am a full-time worker and I love the idea of building a home-based business around my skill. And what I am planning to do is freelance writing. But you know English is not my native language. Do you know how I improve my writing skills and bag a client?
    Thank you for these ideas you shared with us here.

    • Sebastian, the dirty little secret is that you do not have to be that good at English to freelance. One of my friends ghost writes for clients, and she relies heavily on Grammarly (free version) to correct her work. The best way you can improve your writing skills is by committing to publish something daily and by reading blogs of people who are freelancers (the top ranked blogs in Google are written well). Start with the ProBlogger job board: — And, create a portfolio of a few writing samples before you start applying. (The simple version of a portfolio is a DropBox or Google Drive folder that you share.)

  2. Hey thank you for the post! I did not know there was so much out there in way of learning self publishing! I don’t live in a big city, but I would like to make a course on Udemy! That would be so fun!

    • Go for it! Udemy helps you with marketing, usually through running sales. I was pleasantly surprised that most courses are 1-2 hours of content.

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