Ending the Freelance Writing Hustle


I’m writing this to  you as a friend. I hustled in the world of finding writing gigs for a bit until realized that my side hustle was taking up more time and  energy than my job. 

It seemed like a good idea, well at first…

I mean, if I had to choose between cleaning bathrooms and washing my hands every hour at the fast food restaurant I was working at, writing seemed so much better until…

  • GRADING: I never produced poor quality work, but it was always nerve-racking to hope your clients were please enough to give you a good score. (I mean who wants a 2.5 star writer when there are 5 star writers competing for the  same rate of pay.
  • COMPETITION: I didn’t have the time or the sense to know that I could look up publications or businesses and pitch them on writing web content for them, so I stuck to websites like Guru and Elance (now Upwork). So, things got really interesting when I noticed that many of my bids were beat by freelancers in India, the Philippines, Africa, and a host of other countries where one US dollar goes a long way.
  • YOU OWN NOTHING: Ok, besides your good reputation and maybe a piece of virtual real estate (little box with your bio and links at the bottom of articles), after years of hard work, you get to continue the hustle and the grind.

What is a much much much better route? 

  • NO GRADING: Good articles get shared, period. Google indexes well-written content, and that is the only grade you need to know if your writing is good or not. And, provided that you have a website like I do, you can put advertising blocks or affiliate links on your site to get paid — indefinitely.
  • COMPETITION: You are essentially building your own magazine with feature stories, articles, and whatever else you can imagine. You can niche down (choose a very unique topic) for your site and have very little competition.
  • YOU OWN A BUSINESS: So, in freelance writing, your business owns you. If you get ill or go on vacation, the income stops. But, if you build a niche site like mine and commit to bring people valuable well-written content, you can have income coming in from advertising and affiliate offers whether you are working or not. Just saying Robert Kiyosaki taught me pretty well what a business is NOT – if you work in it, and it does not run without your presence, that’s not a business.

I spent 9 years fooling around online selling random items, promoting random affiliate offers, joining and leaving friends’ MLM companies just to return to this fundamental skill of writing good content and building assets (sites that put money in your pocket). I call them virtual real estate.

At the beginning of 2019, I actually started a small program where I taught average people how to get access to startup capital and buy a cash flow website.  If I can be real I was speaking to college students like me who spent a shitload of money on textbooks and degrees only to find themselves under-employed. If you are interested in hearing more about this coaching program ‘The Simple Plan,’ then just click here, and you will be taken to my calendar for a 15 minute overview chat.

To be a candidate for the Simple Plan program, you have to have a 660 credit score or higher and not have any accounts in collections. 

If you would like to follow the exact same model I am using to build my six figure publishing business shoot me a text or connect on Facebook Messenger. Mention Publishersrx in the message, and I will respond.  

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