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I discovered AWAI in 2011, but I really had no idea what I had stumbled upon because I was just looking for “work from home gigs.” I’ve been a good writer for as long as I can remember, and I had already done some freelancing on sites like guru and elance (now upwork). The problem was I would take on article writing jobs, which I had to do research for, and the most I had made was a measly $10. I did not go to school and get a bachelor’s degree in English to earn $5 an hour.  The idea of the “Writer’s Life” or maybe the bonuses for subscribing to the weekly newsletter were what enticed me to check it out.

What’s so funny is I completely forgot that I had signed to received the newsletter and never confirmed that I wanted to receive it, until today (12-16-2019).

Now I can say I have run the gauntlet of different work from home and get rich quick offers online, so I’m back to sanity, providing a service that I know I can do well, exceptionally well, and getting paid well to do it.

You see, like you, I had to learn academic writing for school. Academic writing doesn’t pay well. I had a job grading papers for Ashford University Freshman Composition courses, that was hell. Long hours, low pay.

find high paying jobs for writers
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That seems to be the death trap of practically every writing job online. You spend around half an hour researching and another hour writing a decent article. You have to plagiarism check it and check for grammar mistakes and all that. Then, you get your big payday of $10 or less. It’s a painful death to die.

I had an epiphany today (I know big overused word.) I realized that there is no way off the hamster wheel of production for other companies. There are no doors out of slave wage hell. You have to decide that you will no longer accept low wage gigs and get the skills to get paid well.

What does that look like?

Well, it can mean plugging into a community of writers who have already made the decision to get paid well for their writing skills. You may not become the next best-selling fantasy fiction writer (you could), but even if you don’t you can still get paid like one by mastering the skill of copywriting.

Now, when I first started looking into copywriting as a career, I didn’t know that copywriting was not limited to just writing sales letters for businesses. It can be writing blogs, social media posts, print flyers, white papers, web site product descriptions, email sequences. There was so much to the world of writing copy that I was unaware of that I learned in a short while from listening to some of the expert trainers at AWAI.

I have a confession to share too. I had bought a copywriting course in 2010 and not finished it. Not even close. I didn’t have the systems or discipline to do it. Now, I understand the importance of surrounding yourself with mentors who know what they’re doing. I have been a sucker who fell for the “guru” who was just copying the real guru. I also have an accountability partner that I work with every day to stay committed to getting out content that helps people regularly.

Are you ready to take a look at how you can earn a full time income working from anywhere you like?

Click here to check out AWAI today.

Oh, I forgot to mention how AWAI helps you find high paying jobs for writers. They have an internal job board on their members only site, kind of like Copyblogger, only better. Better because the people posting to these boards have been trained in copywriting and know that you know what are decent rates to charge for different jobs.

It is not unheard of for people to shift to a copywriting career and make six figures in their first year. It just depends on how ambitious you want to be. But, AWAI has the testimonials. I found my way back to AWAI because there’s this guy, let’s say he’s not one of my favorite marketing trainers, who I watched go from launching his online business to now earning millions training others. I don’t like him because I did not see him create one original thing. And, I’ve a creative artist. I feel like that is a violation of the code of being human. Be an original for god’s sake! Enough about Ryan, this is about you.

You can find a new home online with AWAI in the forums or private Facebook groups. You will be able to reach out and get the help or encouragement you need at any time. AWAI has been around for a long time. They are always coming out with new trainings, so the opportunity to continue to improve your skills and maybe even promote the products will be there for you.

I’m really excited because I have been learning about different forms of writing and marketing for a while now, since 2003, actually. And, I recognized many world-famous copywriters who were trained by them. They are kind of like the gold standard in copywriting training.

And, now that my (not) buddy Ryan has moved into training and certifying copywriters, I cannot think of a place I would love to be more than not with Ryan or any of his companies bahahaha!

In all seriousness though, if you came to this website looking to find high paying writing jobs for writers, they typically are not published to Craigslist, freelancing websites (guru, upwork), or Indeed. You’ve gotta learn the business a bit, and there’s not better way to do that than inside a active community of other writers, mompreneurs, corporate refugees, burnt out teachers, you name it.

Check out how average writers are making amazing incomes here.

Ask any questions you have in the comments below so that other readers of this blog can benefit. I look forward to supporting you on this journey.


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