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How to Start a Home Based Business With | No Money

Lis Carpenter | 12/21/2019

If you have not figured it out from the title of this site, this website is dedicated to writers or aspiring writers to help them get their act together and make great incomes using their skills of writing. So, this…..

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Cost to Publish a Book: It’s Not As Expensive As You Think

Lis Carpenter | 12/20/2019

The cost to publish a book can be free or is can be expensive. Because I am an author who has published my books for cheap, I will share with you the way I did it and a few others…..

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Online Writing Jobs That Pay: 5 Ways Out of Slave Wage Hell

Lis Carpenter | 12/19/2019

There are now hundreds of YouTube Channels of people dedicated to introducing you to side hustles, I know because I’ve spent at least three weeks just going through the videos and checking out their recommendations. If you are looking for…..

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find high paying jobs for writers

Find High Paying Jobs for Writers

Lis Carpenter | 12/17/2019

I discovered AWAI in 2011, but I really had no idea what I had stumbled upon because I was just looking for “work from home gigs.” I’ve been a good writer for as long as I can remember, and I…..

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How to self publish a book in an hour Or Why Tim Ferriss switched to Amazon Publishing

Lis Carpenter | 12/05/2019

It’s Too Easy Now Publishing anything used to be difficult and expensive. Now, it’s too easy. But, if you are looking for a traditionally published book complete with the potential to market it to new readers, then the Amazon platform…..

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About Me

Lis Carpenter | 11/10/2019

Hi, I’m Lis, the creator of this website and community. YOUR STORY For a while I have been looking for a way to help other writers, especially freelancers find a way to build their income and create walth for themselves…..

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3 Simple Strategies for Freelancers To Stand Out & Get More Jobs

Lis Carpenter | 05/16/2019

*Get Hired Today With These Tips – download here – http://bit.ly/4getfree If finding clients and winning bids is a struggle for you, then there are some things that you still need to learn. We all start out somewhere, and lucky…..

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Ending the Freelance Writing Hustle

Lis Carpenter | 04/12/2019

I’m writing this to  you as a friend. I hustled in the world of finding writing gigs for a bit until realized that my side hustle was taking up more time and  energy than my job.  It seemed like a…..

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