Are there shortcuts to online success?

I had a choice to make. Either I can turn out valuable information without a lot of the frills, or I can keep making excuses about not having enough time to add content to this website.

I’m going to give you a short story from experience marketing online and a realization I had this week.

When I started selling online, it was on eBay. I had the idea that I could be an eBay reseller by taking people’s consignment items and listing them on eBay for a percentage of the closing value. I think I still have a Corey Rudl course on Secrets of an eBay millionaire… still unopened or barely glanced over. A few years would pass, and I would get really excited about reselling my textbooks on Amazon, and then, I thought I could do it full time. Just one problem, I live in a small town, and eventually all the Goodwills would have their own Amazon seller accounts. After Amazon it was Shopify thanks to my hero Tim Ferriss pushing it at its beginning. The Shopify challenge? I never completed it. Clickfunnels challenge, no.

You get the point. All this time jumping around to answer the question, “How do I make real money online?”

I had the wrong idea though because to make money in area you have to solve people’s problems. My good friend Jean Miller, founder of an English school in Taichung, Taiwan, would say that you have to solve those problems quickly and efficiently as well.

The Problem

Market Research, I avoided it. Along with all of the other foundational aspects of starting and running a business that I did not feel like.

I’ll be going more in depth on this in posts to follow because I’m just getting back into this blogging thing. But, just know that there are no “shortcuts to online success.”

I’m studying what market research means, and I will be creating ‘buyer personas’ and all that technical stuff over the coming weeks to reach and help a few people this year instead of continuing to look for the easy way to make cash fast online.

Stay tuned…

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